Here are a few things that you need to know about using this site;

  1. I am not a Dietician, so I would really encourage you to follow the advice of these clever people.  If one of them has said that an ingredient is an issue for you but I have said it is ok, then definitely follow the Dietician's advice.  They have a degree, I like to mess around in the kitchen!
  2. Check the ingredients in pre-prepared items, although we make lots of effort to find products that are great for everyone, sometimes we might miss something (like the time I failed to spot the dates clearly listed in the sticky toffee pudding I bought - although that just meant that I got to eat my husband's dessert too...)  We would therefore strongly encourage you to check ingredients lists for hidden nasties, particularly if you are in America - they put devil food (high fructose corn syrup) into absolutely everything!
  3. There are a few products that we use a lot but you might not be familiar with.  We have tried to explain those here;
    1. Asafoetida
    2. Stock
    3. Xantham Gum
  4. Despite significant hunting there are some products that I still cannot find low FODMAP alternatives for, I am looking at you harissa paste, so in these cases I have created my own.  You can either use these in my dishes or hopefully they can help you to keep utilising recipes that you already love.
    1. Harissa Paste
    2. Ketjap Manis
    3. Gluten Free Flour